Essential Skills for Government Social Researchers and Research Management

Course Summary:

Duration: 3 Days
Price: £795 + VAT
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Location: Central London

Our Course Feedback

speech marksOne of the most useful and informative courses EVER! If all training was like this, then they would be truly value for money. It really has helped me to understand my role as a social researcher in government and given me confidence in doing my job well.  

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speech marksSue was amazing! Excellent presenter and facilitator. She made us feel comfortable, encouraging us to engage in group discussion and asking helpful questions for us to reflect. 

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speech marksReally found it useful that the exercises build from one project specification. Really thought through. 

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speech marksSuch a great coverage of topics. I have gained a thoroughly useful background understanding of different areas which will help me at work.  

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speech marksThe event and materials were excellent. Sue was very good too. She was very well informed and I enjoyed her anecdotes - she made it more real. 

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This three day course is for government social researchers who have been in service approximately six to twelve months. The course will enable you to work effectively with policy and delivery colleagues, to provide appropriate research to meet their information needs and to support them in using research to inform decision making.

It is facilitated by the former Chief Government Social Researcher, Sue Duncan, and is designed to develop skills in utilising social research within government, with a focus on the role of research in government, research planning,conducting and managing research, ethical issues, commissioning and research management.

The course draws on a wide range of experience and includes sessions with research customers, managers and contractors, and there is plenty of time for discussion and sharing experience.

Key Components

  • What is our USP?
  • The Policy Perspective  
  • Quality in government analysis
  • Professional Dilemmas 
  • Dealing with problems in research management
  • A research manager in government
  • Review research specifications 
  • Procurement: a legislative framework
  • Evaluating tenders 
  • Negotiating in difficult situations 
  • Ethics in government social research 
  • External research Q&A panel
  • Networking with colleagues

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